Superstar Services for the Celebrity Within

Everyday celebrity

The everyday celebrity experience will become your new normal with Nathaniel Jaye! You deserve an industry leading set of services to take you beyond the "special occasion" glam and transform quality hair care into a part of your everyday life. 

Nathaniel aspires to make each and every client feel beautiful from the inside out and provides a wealth of hair care education during each and every visit. 


Nathaniel Jaye believes that your most special day requires the "most special" beauty experience you'll ever receive. Providing services for Brides, Bridal Party members, and the couple's family is a true passion of Nathaniel's. 


Nathaniel Jaye has a passion for living life "beyond the chair". From New York Fashion week to Celebrity Stylings, Nathaniel is a jet setter to say the least. Looking to book a Lead stylist for the next editorial photoshoot or fashion runway? Nathaniel is your source for an industry leading beauty experience.

For more information regarding the Nathaniel Jaye Hair experience for editorial and runway bookings please leave a message below. 

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